Pizza Shark Productions was born in 2018 through the collaborative work of Isis Madrid and Maria Murriel.

We met in the newsroom of an international public radio show. Over time, we felt that there wasn’t space for the stories or voices we wanted to hear.

So we struck out on our own.

Pizza Shark is our answer to tokenism and homogeneity in the media.

Since our launch, we’ve crafted stories about gender issues in the workplace, alternative perspectives on history, the Latinx experience in the US and so much more.

We look for work that nourishes us intellectually, challenges us creatively and expands the gamut of narratives out in the world.

We are also always down to make bilingual magic. Contáctanos también en español.

We’re named after two beloved pets, Pizza the Pug and Shark the Cat.

Pizza Madrid is big sister to Norman and enjoys sleeping 16 hours a day.

Shark Murriel was a loyal (yet moody) companion for 13 years.

He left his mark on all our lives, as 25-lb Maine Coon mixes do, and we dedicate our kookiest stories to him.

🍕🦈 forever.