Isis Madrid

Isis is a first generation Colombian-American journalist, writer, audio producer, media strategist and pug mom. 

She lives in her native New England with her husband Matt and her two pugs where she works with local clients as much as possible bringing colorful stories to life. 

What is she an expert on? Imagine a gender/culture/international news Venn diagram. Right there. In the center. That's her storytelling sweet spot. 

Isis’ work has appeared in the BBC World Service, The World, Good Magazine, VICE (Broadly), Harvard Business Review’s Women at Work, The Growth Show, Weird Work, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Marketplace, Fusion's "The Brave,” Fvck the Media, The World in Words, Otherhood, The Village Voice, Audioboom and more. 

Her background is in international reporting, audio production, writing, editing, project management, social media-first reporting, audience engagement strategy, video production and documentary film. 

She is the founder of SMASH Boston, a monthly gathering for media makers smashing the patriarchy based out of the PRX Podcast Garage.

In another life, she dabbled in video production on blockbuster + indie film + TV sets, did public relations in a non-profit setting, bounced around Texas and New York City — and once spent a summer on Maui as a permaculture farmer.


Maria Murriel

Maria is a journalist and community educator based in New Orleans. She's reported on immigration, extremist politics, the cannabis industry and criminal justice. She’s interested in mental health and avoiding extractive storytelling — she believes sources and characters should be treated as humans with agency first, and sources or characters second.

Maria’s work appears on the 70 Million, Cannabis Wire, Finding Fixes, NPR's Code Switch, Latino USA, PRI's The World and the BBC World Service. She produces the Duolingo Spanish Podcast and Latina to Latina, and was an adjunct at CUNY's bilingual graduate journalism program. Maria led Futuro Media's first Community Podcast Lab, guiding six women of color storytellers from idea to final mix. She was a panelist at Spotify's Sound Up bootcamp for women of color, and through the New Orleans-based incubator Propeller, she mentors a startup network of socially conscious local podcasts. 

Maria was born and raised in Lima, Peru, grew up in Miami, Florida, and settled in New Orleans — a blend of Lima’s stormy colonial past and Miami’s subtropical surrealness.